Finding Nemo: Nemo Running Costume

Want to hear “I found Nemo” for an entire half marathon? Then this is the costume for you! Sometimes, the simpler, the better. We didn’t make any part of these costumes. They started with an idea that photos of Darla chasing Nemo for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon would be awesome. They were easy to pull off and we got a lot of great response.

The Nemo costume was surprisingly breathable so I didn’t get too hot.

I always find it helpful to pull the costume together by matching as much color I could to the costume. So I chose to wear an orange hat, long sleeves, and shorts.

More after the gallery.

Nemo Running Costume


  • The costume is a lot more breathable than it looks.
  • It obviously leaves a ton of room to carry items underneath in your Flipbelt.
  • Running with a hat is always a good idea when its sunny and when you sweat.

Post-Race Review

I am a firm believer in that you have to cover as much of your body in a costume and color match. Looking back on the photos, I believe the hat, shorts and shirt pulled it all together – it’s all about the details. I think it would have been a little overkill for me to get calf sleeves or orange pants considering this character is a big face on my body, and not a human character that wears pants. I wouldn’t have changed anything.

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