Coco: Hector Costume

Makeup, costume, and props–we took on all 3 for our Coco Costumes for the Disney Wine and Dine 10K. On top of that, we learned 10 Disney covers to sing during the race (view our songs here).

To make the Coco Hector costume work, I ran in a full skeleton suit, with a ukulele, wearing a straw hat that didn’t want to stay on, carrying a little tripod and guitar tuner and capo because we had to sing a bunch of Disney songs during the race, because, why not?

It was totally worth it, and we even make the official RunDisney blog.

More after the gallery.

Coco Hector Costume

The Hector costume was complicated. There’s a lot of layers, accents, and props – which of course you have to run in. The Miguel costume is easier because it’s jeans and a hoodie. But then the makeup. Be prepared to practice applying it at least 3 times BEFORE the day of the race. Makeup is really hard. A guitar would obviously be difficult to bring on a plane, get it to the start line, much less run in it, so the ukulele seemed like a good choice.

Make sure you practice doing the make up 3 times before the race. You have to get to the race on time, so you must know exactly how long it takes.
White. You will need way less than you think.
– Black pen liner
– Yellow
– Setting powder. To protect it from sweat.
Don’t bother with the rest of the colors. It doesn’t really matter. Some of the cheek details end up looking like whiskers on other people so I avoided it.

Skeleton suit. You have to get this one. I tried others and returned them.
Jacket – I tried and returned a few till I found this one. Distress it and make it look dirty.
Suspenders – These were great. You might think you want the exact color Hector has, but in needs to contrast against the black skeleton outfit and the purple jacket.
– Pants – Goodwill. Since you are wearing black leggings, it’s better to go with lighter colored pants so they’ll pop in photos. Distress it.
– Ascot – Whatever, just get some red cloth.
– Straw hat – Party City. Then distress the crap out of it.
Flipbelt. And of course, you still need a place to carry your phone, wallet, picks, tuner and capo.

Buy this one, it’s only like $45 and it sounds decent and totally stayed in tune
– Spray paint it white
– Print out the details on normal white paper, glue that down
Glaze the crap out of it

A ukulele is basically a little guitar without the two low strings and in a different key – so it takes a bit of getting used to. I brought a capo because it would be impossible to get the right key for vocals AND learn weird chords. Also, bring a tuner just in case.

Guitar Picks:
Since I was essentially wearing gloves, I cut out little holes for my finger tips. But even then for more grip, I dabbed some hot glue to the picks to make it grippy.

coco guitar ukulele

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