Wicket Ewok Costume

You might think that running in Florida covered in fur will be fun, but you’d be wrong. Regardless, the pictures are amazing and that’s really all that matters.

For the Disney Star Wars Dark Side Races my wife and I did a couples costume as Endor Leia and Wicket. Since we had to run in three consecutive races (5k, 10K, and half-marathon) all in costumes, we of course chose the most difficult costumes for the shortest race. The 5K is totally doable considering it starts at 5:30 in the morning and has about 7 or so character stops during the race. So while yes, duh, it was hot inside, I got to stop every 5 minutes or so to stand in line for a few minutes, open the costume and vent it. I personally run in 90 degree weather, so this was comparable.

The costumes were so recognizable that we made both the RunDisney social media but more importantly we made the official Star Wars Instagram!

More after the gallery.

Wicket Ewok Costume


Chewbacca costume. Yeah, it’s a Wookie body.
– Headpiece from Esty. The fur lining around the headscarf really sets it apart. Unfortunately this seller isn’t on Etsy any longer.
– Shoe covers. Felt with faux fur and an elastic band underneath to keep it on.
Flipbelt underneath to carry all my stuff.


The heat didn’t really bother me. What really bothered me was every other person asking, “Aren’t you hot?” Well duh. As if I didn’t think running in fur would be hotter than running in a tank top. I guess all these people stop running during the summer and immediately stop their run the moment they start to sweat. Guess what, a lot of times when you run, you sweat. Also, it’s a Disney 5K, not the Olympics.

Post-Race Review:

I LOVED how these photos turned out. I wouldn’t have changed anything. Just knowing that we made the official Star Wars Instagram, meaning tens of thousands of people saw it, makes it totally worthwhile.

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