Up: Russel Wilderness Explorer Costume

Wilderness Explorer costumes are perfect for running with a group. The only negative is the amount of time it takes to make the buttons.

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Russel Wilderness Explorer Costume

This costume basically comes down to felt and iron ons.

If you want a legit looking costume, it’s all about the buttons. Don’t cheat Russell for all his hard work collecting his badges.

Felt buttons
– The designs are right below
– Designs printed onto iron-on transfers
– Cut out each button, and iron to felt buttons
Buttons are hot glued to the felt

Image Files!
I started with other people’s designs but personally cleaned them up in Photoshop. This took tons of time. These are all PDFs. You’re welcome!

– Brown felt from a craft store.
– It’s important to NOT make a loop. You have to make a “V”, like a Miss America sash, so it sits on your hip and doesn’t bunch.
– You will have to safety pin it to your shirt.

Patches (American Flag, WE logos)
– Cut out felt to size
– Print the design (from the files above) onto iron-ons
– Iron to felt
– Hot glue the felt to shirt or hat
– Pin badge to ascot
– Grape Soda bottle cap. Just print out and glue the image to a bottle cap. Modge Podge it if you like.

– Yellow polo (men’s, women’s)
Yellow baseball cap
– Ascot
– Cargo shorts
Flipbelt underneath to carry all my stuff.


The biggest trick is to make sure the sash doesn’t move on you. If you safety pin it in place, there’s not much else to it.

Post-Race Review

I LOVED how this turned out. I had a blast making the buttons. If you look closely, I have Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who buttons and so on. Make sure you keep this because this costume will come in handy for Halloween or mashups.

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